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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

OoC: you do realize that earlier you tried to shake off the sludge as it was corroding your clothes, right? Also, you could use Disable to block a move, but that wasn't the way I saw it happening. Just saying. Also, sorry for the lateness, I just can't keep up with 3 RPs and all the other stuff >.<


Sec racked his brain trying to find a way to distract Grimer from launching his Sludge attack, which could've proven fatal for his Togekiss... Think think think, he likely found a solution, albeit a risky one.

He quickly ran across the room, where the result of a previous Sludge had splattered, and tried to pick up some. "I read once that Grimed and Muk eat sludge," he clarified. "So if we're lucky this will distract it long enough for Yawn to take effect."

He curled the nasty stuff into a ball right as it started becoming rather uncomfortable into his hands, as if it was grazing his skin... it couldn't have been though, could it? Anyway, he fastened the ball and slung it sideways, hoping to attract Grimer attention.

Somehow, the particular flavour of rancid stuff and spoiled food did catch the Grimer's attention, despite not being visibly different from its own smell... who knows. The thing cast a glance as the ball splattered on another wall making a rather artistic stain, which elected a round of applause from the sludge Pokemon.

It didn't really work the way the trainer had intended, but it still did work.

The light haze surrounding Togekiss was steadily absorbed back into her body as the Flying Pokemon clumsy tried to take flight again, renewed by the Wish.

Area: Darker than earlier, since now it's night. There is little light left, all the other stuff as earlier.


Encounter #2
Grimer (??/??/??) 35.77% (Minimized) (Drowsy) ]distracted[

Trainer stats:
Name: Sec
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Total Items: x4 Park Balls ; x5 Super Balls ; x2 Max Potions ; x2 Full Heal

Pokemon Stats

Male Hardy Marowak (Lightning Rod) 100%
Extra Moves: TM Swords Dance, TM Earthquake

~Female Calm Togekiss (Serene Grace) 89.10%
Extra Moves:

Previous Encounters:
#1: Elekid - Fainted
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