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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

"Cutting edge indeed - if you're using something as dull as a butter knife," Seq laughed along with his Ranger.

"Anyways, if I remember right, you're in for a treat. The Moonshine Pillar is up there. It's pretty nice, especially in this kind of moon. Not really my thing but Trainers like it. It's a bit of a ways away but I'm sure we'll find some Pokemon between here and there." Sokka began walking, where as Seq, Rebecca and Julie followed.

"Moonshine Pillar? I've never heard of it, though it sounds interesting enough. I'm sure it'd be a fascinating place for study." As the trainer paused momentarily to look over the hill, something pelted him in the side. It was of a good size - perhaps comparable to that of a medium sized dog. The Zigzagoon bounced along on its merry way, stopping only to look back at Seq, who had fallen to the ground without any sort of grace.

"Hey Seq, you alright?" Sokka called back.

"I suppose so - although..." he stood, pressing a hand to his back. It cracked slightly before he brushed his outer coat off. "Yeah. I think I'm fine. Why?"

"Vaporeon," Julie said, nuding the back of the scientist's leg. Her slim nose pointed towards the curious Zigzagoon.

"It is interesting, I'll admit... but it's not what I came here for. It's welcome to come along, if you want a playmate. Otherwise, let's move on."

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