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Default Neo Risk, Turn 5: Woah, you killed my Stunky!
-Ze map! Check everything's allright.
-Orders must be sent before Monday.
-If team NCIS receives damage again this turn, they are out of the competition!
-Eraizaa joins the horde!
-This time, 1-week battle turns will be in effect. So choose wisely who's gonna attack!
By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD
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