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Default [The] [[[[B]]]][r][a][c][k][e][t][[[[S]]]] [Clan]

[B][The] [[[]]][r][a][c][k][e][t][[[[S]]]] [Clan] [[1/18]]

pfff.... who needs banners when you have....

lol hey guys, just another clan. The thing that differentiates this clan from others is the fact that I(nobody will ever join) pride my self on brackets ([][][][][][]) and these things({}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}?). Have fun guys.

Thread Rules

-Don't Spam-
-No double-posting -
-No advertising your clan and/or forum
-You can not be in a second clan
-Read the forum rules and Battling Center rules before posting or joining
- Have fun -
- Brackets & {} -

Standard Battling Rules

-Lvl 100 Single/Doubles
- Voice Chat Can Be On/Off
-6 vs. 6
-No ubers
-No hacked stats, movesets, abilities, EVs, etc.
-Species Clause [No more than one of each pkmn]
-Sleep Clause [No putting more than one pkmn to sleep at a time]
-Evasion Clause [No evasive moves (Double Team, Minimize, etc...)]
-Hax Items Clause [No Items that rely on luck]
-OHKO Clause [No using OHKO moves (Horn Drill, Fissure, etc...)]
-Also, Brackets

Challengers' Form:

IGN[In-game name] -
FC / Shoddy crap -
Targeted battler[s] -
Battling rules[Read above for info; Do you agree to the rules?] -
War challenge? -

Registration Form:

IGN[In-game name] -
FC / Shoddy -
Your battling experience (like I give a crap...) -
Will you always use good grammar in and out of this Clan? (the answer is no, I promise) -
Will you show a positive attitude to all members of the Clan? -
Will you post daily in our Clan? (don't bother answering this one, cause you'll just lie if you answer anything but, no.) -
Have you read all of our rules? -
Are you in another clan? (who needs other clans when you have frakin brackets!) -
Who do you choose to try you out? Me? Screw that. -
Do you appreciate Brackets? -

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