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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

The attack drifted through the air with a humming noise, lifting whatever debris stood in its way. Then, Lickitung did the unthinkable: it swallowed the attack completely, by sticking his tongue, hitting the thunderwave with it, then rolling the whole inside. With a big gulp, my guess is that his stomach quickly disposed of the attack. Or rather... he emitted a loud, smelly fart...

"THAT WON'T WORK ON HIM! HE CAN USE REFRESH TO DISPOSE POISON AND ELECTRICITY AND BURNED SKIN...THROUGH HIS REAR END!" yelled the Delibird, annoying as usual. Retrieving the scarf would take more skill than I had imagined.

After having a good laugh, the Lickitung charged to where Dragonite was, extending his tongue when he was at range, like a Keckleon. Maybe the attack was too fast for Dragonite to avoid, or maybe Dragonite was still tired from the previous encounter with Igglybuff. Whatever the reason, it enveloped the winged Dragon with the whole...muscle...thing..., and strongly grasped it with a wrap attack. It was a Dragonite stuffed Tongue Taco!...Gross.


Battle stats:
Lickytung, 100% , ???
Dragonite, 46%, wrapped like a taco!

Name: Nel Death

Location: The Woods

Items: 4 x Super Ball 1 x Supreme Park Ball, 2 x Full heal, 1 x Mega Puffin.

Area Effects: A clear area, surrounded by evenly distributed trees. Small grass, and a few flowers. There are fruit trees nearby. It's night time, and the arena is only illuminated by Rudolph the Stantler's red nose light.

Encounters Remaining: 1

Pokemon Encountered: Slakoth, Hoothoot, Nidoran M, Ninjask, Kricketot, Pinsir, Weepinbell, Nincada, Caterpie, Ledyba, Primeape, Pineco, Igglybuff, Lickitung

Pokemon Captured: Female Quiet Nincada (7.26%), Female Impish Iggybluff,

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon: Houndoom (100%)
Nickname: Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Docile
TM/HM: -

Pokemon: Dragonite (51.22%)
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Brave
TM/HM : -

Pokemon: Metagross (Fainted)
Nickname: Steel
Gender: Male
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Serious
TM/HM: MT Ice Punch / TM Flash Cannon
By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD

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