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Default Re: Has anybody played the episodes on Sky?

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
I got Igglybuff and Sunflora to go, but need to have more Revive Seeds and room in my storage before I play them. I might play the Grovyle one again. The one with Team Charm was TERRIBLE! The Lopunny was hopeless with Xray specs and the team died about 3 times. Luckily had Revive seeds to save them, but their stats were terrible. I'm noting to have Life Seeds in storage to up the stats on Igglybuff and Sunflora.
Unless it works differently in PMD, Lopunny can't use items because of Klutz. :)

I actually found Here Comes Team Charm to be really easy. I only died a couple of times - once in a dungeon and once against Aggron and Lairon. However, the bosses were really easy after Lopunny leveled and learned Agility... xD
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