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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Cerulean City
Sea Cottage #4
5:30 PM, October 8th, 2009

Carber looked at the wooden number on the outside of the light blue house, trimmed with white. “This is it,” he muttered. “Sea Cottage #4 on Windy Lane.”

“God, that sounds like some made-up place in some teenage girl’s mind,” Hille grumbled, knocking on the door angrily. Besides her stood a tall fossil Pokemon, one that she always took with her when looking for wanted criminals. Armaldo growled angrily as a volley of footsteps came from inside. They stopped quickly and Hille knocking again, calling out “This is the police!”

On Detective Carber’s shoulder sat a small tan and red Electric Pokemon, one that loved to accompany her owner. “Look, look!” the Plusle called, pointed at the window. The white and lavender curtains shuffled as Plusle diverted the detective’s attention. But you could still see some strange looking leaves that bobbled away quickly as well as a silhouette of a Butterfree.

Carber nodded. “Looks like our witness is here,” he noted.

“Seems like it,” Hille muttered, shrugging absently as the door slowly opened.

“Um, hello?” the man said, green eyes peering cautiously from the crack he allowed open.

Carber held up his badge, only to get the door quickly shut. He sighed. “Open up!” he called loudly, hitting the door loudly.

The door opened again, this time even slower. “W-why would the police come here…?” he asked quietly. His eyes were now covered with locks of messy black hair.

“We need to speak to a Neb,” Hille said. Besides her, Armaldo cried in agreement.

The young man’s face relaxed tremendously. “I’m Neb,” he said carefully. The door opened a bit more, revealing Neb’s tattered clothes that covered dark skin. Cowering behind his leg was an adorable Teddiursa.

Carber frowned slightly. “We don’t mean to disturb you… but may we come in?” he stammered. It was always hard telling loved ones what happened to the victims.

Neb’s eyes widened with panic. “N-no! Um… I mean, how about we stay out here?” he asked hesitantly. After getting a nod from Detective Hille, he hurriedly shut the door after picking up his Teddiursa.

Carber smiled weakly at Neb. “I’m Detective Donovan Carber,” he said, holding out his hand. “And this is my partner, Detective Marie-Anne Hille.”

“It’s, ah… nice to meet you,” he replied hastily. He shook the detective’s hand, balancing Teddiursa on his hip as if the brown teddy bear Pokemon was a child.

Hille nodded. “We aren’t here to bring your friend, Lackar, in,” she informed him. “We’re here about Shea Everhart.”

Neb’s bright green eyes filled with dread and fear. “What’s wrong with her?!” he asked, voice rising in panic. From the second-story window, the curtains moved again. This time, however, a silhouette of a young girl was visible instead of the shadow of a Butterfree.

“She’s fine now,” Carber assured Neb, who was now clutching Teddiursa to his chest. The Little Bear Pokemon cried out angrily. The blonde detective looked at the Plusle on his shoulder, who nodded and hurriedly jumped off his trainer’s shoulder.

“Hey, Teddiursa!” The Cheering Pokemon called. “Wanna play a game?”

Teddiursa struggled out of Neb’s arms and jumped onto the ground. “Come on,” Plusle said cheerfully. “I saw a park over this way!” The two Pokemon ran off together, leaving their trainers alone.

Hille’s Armaldo snorted angrily as the two vanished into the grass.

Neb looked up, tears visible in his eyes. “What happened to her?” he asked hesitantly. “I… I need to see her.”

Carber nodded. “I think that’ll be best,” he replied carefully, as to not upset the young man. Neb couldn’t have been more than seventeen years old. “But… is there an Oddish staying in this house?”

Neb frowned. “Um… yes…” he said softly. “But why do you need Oddi?”

“This Oddish is a witness in a rape case,” Carber explained slowly, as to let the words set in. Neb took a deep breath.

“R-rape case…?” he asked, his voice a mere whisper in the cold October wind. “Please don’t tell me that… that it was Shea…”

Carber nodded sadly. “We’ll take you to see her, don’t worry,” he said awkwardly. But as the detective reached over to place a hand on the young man’s shoulder, there was a shout from inside the blue sea cottage followed by a bolt of yellow electricity. It shot out from the window that the detectives had seen shadows in. The bolt landed only a few feet away from Hille.

Armaldo scrapped his claws together angrily, calling out a threat to whoever had dared to try and hurt his Trainer. “Armaldo!!”

Another man looked out the window, black eyes narrowed behind messy brown hair. He muttered something before turning away. The yellow and black Pokemon that shot the Thunderbolt followed closely behind.

Carber whistled quickly, to call back his Plusle. “Who was that?” he demanded, glaring at Neb.

The young man sniffed, wiping some tears. “Lackar…” he said softly. “I… I’ll go talk to him…”

“That won’t be necessary,” Hille replied coldly. “Looks like he’s coming out here anyways.”
She was right; the door opened shortly after the reveal the wanted man. His hair, a messy rat’s nest of dark brown, covered most of his face, but you could still see the hatred in his eyes. His black jacket and jeans were covered in dirt, like he rarely even bothered to wash them.

“Get away from him,” he growled. Besides him, Electabuzz snarled at Armaldo.

Hille stepped forward, hand in front of her Plate Pokemon. “Why would we do that?” she asked casually. “We’re doing nothing wrong and he even wants to come with us.”

Lackar turned sharply to look at Neb, eyes narrowed dangerously. “What the hell is she talking about?!” he demanded.

Neb stepped forward, only turning away from his friend when he saw Teddiursa and Plusle run towards them again. His green gaze found Lackar’s night-black one soon, though. “Shea was hurt,” he explained tenderly. “She needs me.”

Lackar’s face softened almost instantly. “Then go.” Behind him, a young blonde girl peered from behind the door.

“Shea was hurt?” she whispered, pale blue eyes sparkling with fear. “Is she alright?”

Carber nodded. “She’s recovering,” he replied. “And who might you be?”

The girl, no more than fifteen years, walked daintily over to her brother. She was tiny, no more than five-two, with white, angel-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. “My name is Angelique Rouge,” she replied. “And this is my brother, Lackar.”

Carber smiled, offering a hand to her. “Nice to meet you. I’m Detective Donovan Carber,” he said. “And this is my partner, Marie-Anne Hille.”

Angelique reached hesitantly to shake his hand, smiling weakly. She looked at her brother. “Can I go see Shea too?”

“No,” Lackar replied stiffly.

Angel’s face fell. She didn’t reply, even though the detectives could tell that she wanted to go.

Neb frowned. “I’ll look after her,” he replied. “And maybe Terrie can come too.”

Lackar’s eyes seemed to flash red at the name. “She’s not going anywhere near the police and neither is Angel!”

Neb took a step back. “Okay, okay,” he said in defeat.

Carber and Hille exchanged a worried glance. “Sorry to do this…” Carber said, trailing off. “But we’re going to have to arrest you for assaulted a cop.”

Lackar frowned, taking a step back. He looked at Electabuzz, nodding to him once. The yellow and black Electric Pokemon let out a cry, throwing a Thunder Punch at Detective Hille. Luckily, her Armaldo was able to move in front of Hille in time and call upon a Protect. Carber, also, came to Hille’s rescue by taking out a special Police Pokeball that allowed them to obtain a criminal’s Pokemon with ease. He threw the deep blue and gold orb at Electabuzz as he bounced back from the protective wall that now surrounded his opponent. He was engulfed in an unusual blue light before being sucked into the Police Ball.

Lackar glared at Carber. “That’s illegal,” he snapped angrily. Seemed like Lackar was a man of a few, angry words.

“No, it’s not. I’m protecting my partner from being electrocuted,” Carber replied calmly, taking the handcuffs out of his coat pocket and advancing on Rouge. Angelique took one look at her brother before she hurried back into the cottage and by that time, her older brother was against the car in handcuffs, seething.

Moments after she left, a little blue and green Weed Pokemon returned, carrying a Pokeball in his leaves. “Oddish, odd!” he sang, placing the red and white orb on the ground by Hille’s feet.

Hille picked it up. “What’s this?” she asked the Pokemon, turning to look at Plusle for the answer instead of the Oddish.

Plusle cleared his throat. “He said that it’s a friend,” he replied, shrugging. “Maybe one of the other witnesses?”

Hille shrugged. “Who knows,” she muttered. “Come on; let’s get this guy down to the precinct.”

Lackar glared angrily at the SVU detectives. “Let me go, bastards,” he growled.

“No way,” Detective Hille replied in a sing-song type voice. “You’re wanted for multiple assaults and you just tried to electrocute me. You’re not getting off that easy.”

Neb approached the two cops, placing a hand gently on Hille’s forearm. His eyes reflected a cheerless and somber light as he turned to the door again. Hille and Carber’s eyes followed his.

There, standing besides Angelique, was another girl. She was taller than Angelique’s petite size and her face held heavy black make-up. She wore a baggy black shirt and dark gray sweatpants. Her black hair was tied up in a loose, messy ponytail as she faced the detectives. Her black-lined eyes were swollen as she watched Lackar’s weak struggling to get out of that situation and run to her.

Carber stepped forward after making sure that Lackar wasn’t going to attack his partner again. “Excuse me, but who are you?” he asked cautiously.

When she didn’t reply, Neb spoke up for her. “That’s Terrie Merrill,” he said softly. “She’s Lackar girlfriend…”

Gripped in one hand, Terrie held a simple Pokeball. She was glaring at the detectives with fiery, aquamarine eyes that were filled with hate. Her other hand rested on her stomach, which Carber and Hille noticed as much bigger than it should be. She was pregnant.

Luckily, Carber and Hille put it together easily. “Um, Terrie? Would you like to come with us?” Hille asked gently, not wanting to upset the poor girl. She had nudged her partner with her elbow, telling him to hold onto Lackar.

Terrie cringed away from Hille as the black-haired detective advanced on her slowly. “Get the hell away from me,” she stammered. She took a hesitant step back, throwing the Pokeball into the air.

As the red smoke dissolved around the flying/bug shape, Hille’s Armaldo stepped forward to meet his new opponent in battle. The red smoke broke off hastily to reveal Terrie’s Yanma. But you couldn’t see the red and green Clear Wing Pokemon for very long as it zipped into a Double Team and soon multiple, blurred Yanma were buzzing around Armaldo and the detectives.

Hille frowned, rolling up her sleeves. “Armaldo! Metal Claw!” she called, her delicate hands forming into fists.

The blue bug Pokemon nodded, narrowing his site on one of the many Yanma copies. His black and blue blade-like arms started to glow white. He advanced on the Bug/Flying type at an unusually fast rate for the slow Armaldo. But as Hille’s powerhouse Pokemon started to slash at the Yanma, it quickly dematerialized into nothing. Armaldo wasn’t so easily discouraged, though. He quickly moved to the opposite Yanma, slashing at that one until it, too, vanished.

Terrie didn’t offer many moves as she watched her Yanma fluttered back and forth after Armaldo finally hit his target. Yanma’s ability, Speed Boost, offered much help as Armaldo struggled to keep up with it. Metal Claw after Metal Claw hit nothing but cold air from the October evening. The sun was setting fast and all that you could see of its once bright light was hidden behind tall evergreen trees.

“Call off Yanma, Terrie,” Carber called uneasily.

Neb chimed in. “Please, Terrie?” he asked softly. “Do it for me?”

But Terrie didn’t look at either of them, her friend nor the stranger that was arresting her boyfriend. Her eyes were locked on Lackar. Somehow, she managed to call out another move and Yanma obliged quickly.

He flapped his thin wings as fast as the speed of light, if not faster. Curved, blue shock waves fell towards Armaldo.

“Protect!” Hille called quickly. Armaldo was compelled to act upon his Trainer’s will and, at the wave of one of his arms, the green protective screen steamed forward from the chilly wind. The shockwaves bounced off easily, forcing Yanma to dodge its own attack.

Neb cut through the small, dying yard to rest a hand on Terrie’s shoulder. She shrugged it off quickly, blue eyes still locked on Lackar. Angelique looked a bit lost as she clung to her Oddish with Butterfree hovering over her. The black haired young male opened his mouth to reason with her, but she beat him to it.

“I’m not letting them take my Lackar!” she shouted at him. “And there is no way in hell that I’m going with them. Why should I, anyways?” She paused, looking at her Yanma again with unsteady eyes. “Air Slash!”

Yanma darted at Armaldo again, this time making his hit. A ball of blue light had swirled in front of the Clear Wing Pokemon and as Yanma approached the Plate Pokemon, the ball of wind shot its way towards Armaldo and knocked him over. Hille let out an angry, frustrated cry.

“This doesn’t change anything, Terrie,” she replied stiffly after taking Armaldo’s Pokeball out again and returning her Pokemon. She also grabbed one of her Police Pokeballs to throw at Yanma.

“No, it doesn’t!” Terrie shouted back angrily, one arm wrapped around her stomach. “Let him go!”

This time she grabbed a second Pokeball, this one covered in a blue case. Pink and purple heart stickers were layered on the Pokeball and as Terrie threw it, those hearts came alive in the air; popping with white sparkles. The shape of a muted gray-violet and blue Gligar appeared under the shower of sparkles and glitter that fell from the open Pokeball.

“Gligar! Use Poison Sting!” she cried out, tears streaming down her face in a flood now.
Hille and Carber exchanged alarmed glances. Gligar looked confused, since there was no opposing threat at that moment. Did Terrie mean to attack the two detectives? Poison Sting was a dangerous move to make, especially if it was meant for Hille and Carber.
Right before Gligar unleashed his attack, Carber realized something. Even though Terrie was doing so much to keep her boyfriend away from the cops, but Lackar was just looking away, not even looking his girlfriend in the eyes.

Carber pulled Lackar up straight from where he had him pinned to their police car. “You’re not even going to say something to her?” he hissed. Donovan Carber was generally a nice, calm guy but some situations set him off. And this was one of them.

Lackar wasn’t able to reply, however. Hille held out another Pokeball, throwing it into the air to meet Gligar and Yanma in battle. The reddish-orange Mouse Pokemon let out a fierce cry when he saw his opponents.

“Rai! Raiachu!” He called. Gligar was swooping in from above, stinger first, for his attack after finally finding his opponent. Hille called out a move and Raichu obliged with stunning speed. Raichu jumped backwards, lightning-shaped tail following behind him, dodging the Poison Sting attack with great ease. Upon landing gracefully on his brown feet, Raichu unleashed stars that swam their way to both Gligar and Yanma.

Following the Swift attack was a quick, well balanced Thunderbolt that divided itself into two separate bolts, each zapping their target with ease. Hille smiled as the two Flying-types fell to the ground, one from the Swift and one from Thunderbolt.

“Recall your Pokemon, Terrie,” she threatened, “or Raichu will zap you too.”

Lackar, who had never responded to Carber’s questions, looked up at the sound of the threat. His eyes, filled with an uncharacteristic sadness, locked onto hers.

“Terrie…” he whispered. “Please come with me?”

Terrie looked up again, nodding slowly. “Okay…”

Neb sighed with relief as he and the Teddiursa in his arms led Angelique and her Pokemon to the Police car.

Carber and Hille didn’t talk much on the way back to Fuchsia City, but Neb and Angelique did. The detectives were sure they were trying to lighten the mood, talking about old times they had together. Carber’s Plusle joined in occasionally, mostly chatting with Neb’s Teddiursa. They seemed to be having fun.

Behind them, however, Lackar and Terrie were whispering almost silently. Something about their baby? About how Lackar was going to jail? Maybe they were talking about how they couldn’t afford bail. Carber and Hille never did find out.

Only one thing was racing through their mind, worrying them to no end even though she was safe in their car. The next letter in the alphabet was ‘T’ and here, sitting right behind them, was a young, pregnant teenager whose name happened to be Terrie Merrill.

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