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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: Advance the plot all you like; I don't mind! (not too much though xD).

Ranger Charlie
Outer Heaven

"I'd rather not fight this one," Brisbane chuckled, walking over to the tiny bird and stroking it. The Pidgey closed its eyes and gave a lazy, pleased hoot, calming its nervous, fluttering wings. "She seems so cute - I wouldn't want to hurt her."

I agreed, looking at the Pidgey with fondness. Delicately, it shuffled its feet and rested its head underneith its wing; preparing to take a contented nap. Brisbane turned to notice my Flygon, and exclaimed, "Oh, you have a Flygon too? How... delightfully coincidental!"

I took this to mean that he also must have had a Flygon -- no one had told me what his Pokemon were, though I had a sneaking suspicion I was supposed to know. I nodded, smiling.

"So, B. Where are we off to next? A really great place is just over here; there's a whole patch of trees near the edge of these towers of pillars which shoot up high in the sky; which make it almost like a forest walking through there. How about we head through there and see where it takes us?"

He started to head off in the direction of the next pillar, and I walked alongside him; Terra fluttering to and fro between us playfully. The tiny sight of the Pidgey soon faded away as we walked across the smooth, white marble into apparent blue nothingness. Various Flying Pokemon swooped over us, gliding above our heads lazily and perching on the edges of pillars with respective families and mates. I watched them all with adoring eyes; hardly any Trainers ever came to Outer Heaven. In fact, I was sure that Brisbane was the first in a couple of months. It was a pity, really; the fact that it was up so high seemed to turn many people off experiencing the wonders up here. And it really was wonderful.

We stopped as we reached the edge of one of the pillars (they joined with eachother in a very large, seemingly endless circle with quite a few shortcuts inbetween - almost like a maze, but a large one where it's not possible to get lost). There were many trees around the edges which climbed upwards from the ground; and kept going until it seemed like they were touching the clouds not far above us. In fact, a few of the trees entered the clouds and it was impossible to see where they ended.

"Here we are," I chirped. "If we just continue walking, we can look within the trees and see many Pokemon resting; though beware, some of them can get quite aggressive."

We walked onwards into the trees, and the beautiful sky which shone from all directions was suddenly shrouded; so only a strip of blue remained above us with the leafy green trees blocking the sides. It was quaint and calm in here, with the occasional chirp of a Pokemon and rustling of leaves. We looked inside the trees and saw a family of Drifloon, happily floating together in the gentle breeze.

Suddenly, as we were watching the balloon Pokemon float happily, one of them seemed to notice our presence. Bloating and growing in anger, it suddenly zoomed towards us and positioned itself in a protective stance in the air, eyeing us with an angry glare.

"Floon!" it roared - which was odd, as I had no idea Drifloon were capable of roaring.

"It seems pretty aggressive and protective of its family... We might be able to make it if we run, but I'm not sure," I said to Brisbane.


Trainer Stats:
Brisbane Kreutzhart
1x Full Restore, 4x Max Potion, 5x Hyper Balls, 1x Type Repellent, 1x Ranger's Delight, 1x Supreme Park Ball

Area Effects:
[Outer Heaven]
A smooth pathway high in the sky, surrounded by impressive and strong leafy trees filled with Pokemon.
Sunny with clear skies.
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Bashful Male Magmortar [Firada] [Flame Body] - 100%
Careful Female Jinx [Saudaje] [Forewarn] - 100%
Jolly Female Flygon [Lybel] [Levitate] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Pidgey, Drifloon
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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