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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Oh dang... I hope you get better, Guard. G'night!

Rui: *giggles at Nazo and Iyoku*

Thyme: *gets thrown* Oi! What was that for? *uses Frenzy Plant*

Frostpaw @Blazefang: For Stormblade to have made it as far as he has, I'd say that he's quite a strong Scyther.
Lol, cause you get on and PM me and then say G'night here, and I'm actually on... I started feeling a little better and I can't abandon my current duties so I came back. ^^
Tammy: *protective bubble appears* That your best shot?
Did I ever mention she's about as powerful as the legendaries? O.o'
Caramel @ Frostpaw: He's really strong!
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