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Default Emotional Symbols

Why do we have emotions, love, hate, sadness, happiness? Why do we bottle them up inside until the emotional dam breaks and we bawl our eyes out? Maybe because we cannot understand the concept of how our emotions work, or our bodies just don’t want to show emotion. Whatever it is, it’s beyond our reach.


“Tout le monde, assieds toi!!” Mme Rose told us, speaking French to us. She noticed a seat missing an occupant. “Qui a absent?”

“Le poignant découper! “ Jimmy yelled out to the class, the rest of the class snickered at this.

I cut my wrists; I have scars on them because of depression and built up emotion that seemed to be released when the skin opened. I just needed someone to love me. I skip class so I can get away from everyone who does not have the same burden of emotions that I have. I am but an emotional teenage guy, with short hair and blue eyes. I have baggy jeans, a black sweater with a short sleeve red, designed shirt on. I sat outside the school, waiting for the days of humiliation and ridicule to be over. I took out a Pokeball from my pocket. I pressed the small button on the center of the ball and pointed that button away from me. The ball opened and shot a crimson light out of the ball, forming in the shape of a creature. It had the shape of a tall dog, with short hair on some parts, and big puffs of white fur on some parts. It had a crescent horn coming out of its head and a moon like crescent on its tail. It had black skin and white hair and fur.

“Absol, I want you to walk with me to the pond.” I told her, pointing behind the school.

She nodded, understanding that I was sad. We walked through the trees of Pokémon, staring down at us with eyes of content. They always seemed so happy to be just hanging there, never battling, and never doing much really.

“I wish my life was as peaceful as you are.” I commented on the tranquility of this place.

I looked around to see a group of pinecones hanging from the tree. There was some small black and green leaved ones that seemed to be Pokémon, and a large overgrown pinecone that was blue and eyes.

“Is that a group of Burmy around a Pineco?” I asked Absol, who nodded her head. “Use Razor Wind to knock one down, Burmys are interesting creatures. I know they are weak, but I wish to have one, you know what to do.”

Absol made a small disk-like spiral of wind using the crescent on its head to sharpen the blade of it, which could cut through just about anything; it was too sharp to even touch. It flew towards the group, it knocked them all down, only one seemed to notice being on the ground.

“Burm!” Burmy called out at us.

“Hmm... Let’s not try to disturb the other Pokémon” I said to Absol. “Use Night Slash to weaken it!”

Absol swung its head around and around, making the area dark and hard to see. It was like night during the day. The Burmy couldn’t see that Absol was charging at it, ready to slash it with her bladed horn. Burmy noticed the darkness and braced, using Protect to create an invisible barrier around it and blocked the horn of Absol.

“Hmm quickly use Me First!” I told Absol who agreed with my choice of move by nodding its head.

Absol’s horn started emitting a deep blue from it. It was reading Burmy’s mind, it soon stopped and jumped in the air, fangs bared it took a huge bite into Burmy, who tried to bite Absol, but was consumed by Absol’s mouth before it could.

“Absol spit it out!” I yelled.

It looked at me for a moment but then quickly spit the little bug out. It could barely get up, but it did.

“Okay, I think we’ve weakened it enough!” I told my Absol with glee for once.

I threw out a red and white ball, with a large white button on the center. It opened and took the Burmy inside of it using a crimson light.
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