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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Brisbane surprised me by smiling affectionately at the Drifloon, and then promptly settling himself down on the ledge and pulling a flute out of his bag. I watched him with great interest as he began to play an indecipherable - but nonetheless pretty - melody, and Drifloon's expanded face began to deflate slowly as she swayed gently to the music.

A Jynx suddenly erupted from Brisbane's carefully-placed Pokeball, a volumptuous Pokemon in what appeared to be a silky, pink dress and blonde hair that draped across her tentative, but welcoming face. A flurry of golden sparks from the capsule she came from cascaded over the Drifloon, and she watched the sparks fall with wide, hypnotised eyes.

"Hello, Saudaje," Brisbane said to the Jynx - Saudaje. "I'm waiting for the Drifloon to calm down, hoping to catch her, so mind joining me until she and her family understand the situation?"

Brisbane continued to play the hypnotic, peaceful flute, and the Jynx immediately spun her voice into a beautiful twirl of melody, singing a beautiful tune that flowed across the trees and directly towards the relaxed Drifloon.

It seemed as though the calming melody was working wonders on the aggressive Pokemon; she allowed herself to be carried in the wind before floating peacefully infront of us. Saudaje's singing flooded Drifloon's ears, hypnotising her and causing an unnatural, eerie calm to fall upon her. She had a split second of alarm sounding across her face, and suddenly her body grew bright in momentary panic; but unable to fight it, she immediately closed her eyes and promptly fell fast asleep.

I examined Drifloon, walking around her. Her round, purple body was suspended in the air, fast asleep and bobbing up and down as the wind made her two yellow stringy arms flutter aimlessly in the breeze. Suddenly, the wind picked up and pushed her lightweight body a few good metres right; dangerously close to the edge of the pillar.

"The wind seems to be picking up," I said to Brisbane. "If you want to have a go at capturing Drifloon, you'd better do it quick; and make sure the wind doesn't push her too far away for a battle."

Suddenly, Drifloon's body ignited and an unnatural gust of wind sounded from behind her; an Ominous Wind attack flew towards Jynx. A gush of silver, sparkling wind with dark undertones pushed Saudaje's body back a few meters as she struggled to regain her balance from the sudden attack. It seemed Drifloon had conjured an Ominous Wind attack in the moment of realisation before falling asleep; she had sent an attack before being welcomed into sleep's cradling arms. The sparkling gust faded, and Saudaje stood up hastily, shaking her head dizzily at the unexpected, but very weak, attack.


Careful Female Jinx [Saudaje] [Forewarn] - 88%
??? Female Drifloon [Aftermath] - 100% [ASLEEP]


Trainer Stats:
Brisbane Kreutzhart
1x Full Restore, 4x Max Potion, 5x Hyper Balls, 1x Type Repellent, 1x Ranger's Delight, 1x Supreme Park Ball

Area Effects:
[Outer Heaven]
A smooth pathway high in the sky, surrounded by impressive and strong leafy trees filled with Pokemon.
Sunny with clear skies.
13 Encounters left.

Pokemon Stats:
Bashful Male Magmortar [Firada] [Flame Body] - 100%
Jolly Female Flygon [Lybel] [Levitate] - 100%

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Encountered: Pidgey, Drifloon
Pokemon Captured: N/A
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