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Default Re: individual rp: QIC


"Shouldn't you be doing something? It is your responsibility to take care of the park isn't it, not mine? Anyway I don't really want a Tyrogue anyway." owen commented

I took out a pokeball from my pocket, threw it in the air and watched as the ball sent out a red beam of light that materialised in a brown and orange rock/ground hybrid. ''rhyperior use rock blast to keep the rocks in place, and use roar to scare tyrouge away'' I commanded.

rhyperior then threw some rocks out off its hollow arm, and suddenly there was no longer a fear of an avalanche, rhyperior then turned at tyrouge and let out a terrifying roar that scared it off. ''ok, now lets continue'' I said as I called rhyperior back to its ball. I guided owen around the park, and after a while of walking we found a new pokemon. this pokemon was strong and muscular, and had some red stripes on its body. ''machoke'' it screamed. ''Oh looks like you've got a new encounter already'' I said to owen.

Name: Owen Sound
Location: Mt. Oktori
Total Money: 4500
Total Items: x1 Parkball, x2 Hyperball

current encounter


Pokemon Stats (List your Pokemon Stats)

trainer pokemon

Pokemon: Weavile 60% -,out of ball,-
Nickname: Snicks
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Gentle

pokemon: Camerupt 100%
Nickname: Numa
Gender: Female
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm

Total Pokemon Encountered:
machop, bagon, tyrouge

Total Pokemon Captured:

BlueJelloJelly (21:16:43): Alex walked into the woods with his trusty Magikarp. Suddenly, OMFG a Porygon-Z appeared! Magikarp used Splash! The Porygon-Z fainted! Alex threw a Pogeyballz and it wobbled like two Diglett at a night club.
lord khajmer (20:38:29): Bubble KO gg
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