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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

"Sure," smiled Ranger Leo and he nodded. Taking a small block of PokéFood, he tossed it to the Wynaut, who caught it grateful and ran away smiling. I smiled on the inside, he was just so adorable. "Okay, let's go in now." The ranger startled me a little, I hadn't expected him to speak just then. I nodded eagerly in agreement and excitement, barely able to contain myself.

We made our way inside the poorly lit cave. It wasn't long before the light coming in from the entrance became too dim for us to see even a foot infront of us. There was small noises around us, but we couldn't see anything scurrying around. It was quite an eerie thing, sensory deprivation, it made me feel a little uncomfortable.

"Do you have anything that can give off light?" Ranger Leo asked. My heart sank, I'd forgotten to teach Artemis how to use Flash before we came. It hadn't crossed my mind that much that we might need it today. Then I cast my mind back to a book I had read about how to counter Ghost-types. There was a move called Foresight, and it gave off a red beam of light from a Pokemon's eyes. If I was right, Artemis could use that move. Maybe it would help light up the cave?

I reached for her Pokeball from my belt in a sudden burst of hope. "Just a sec, Ranger Leo," I said as I clicked the button on her Pokeball. It opened in a flash of bright white light, and my Yanmega appeared before us.

"Hey, Artemis, sorry to bug you again after you did so great in that battle," I praised her, "but would you mind helping me out again? It's pretty dark in here, so we'd really appreciate your help by lighting it up with Foresight." She seemed to smile at my kind words, and nuzzled me affectionately. Her big insect eyes began glowing blood red, the colour so deep and rich it would be good enough for a King's robe. It would probably be even more eerie in here if everything was lit by red light, but at least we might be able to see.

"I hope this works, Ranger Leo!"
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