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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium


"Not really, no. We should continue moving on?" asked Iridium.

As his sentence finished, a small pink-colored canine appeared thrashing across the beautiful scene. It stomped hard and roared at the dancing firefly. The Snubull ran towards the spring as the Illumise left and began lapping the water.

"Looks like we don't need to move to get to the next one!"


Name: Iridium

Location: Woods

Total Items: Park Balls x1, Super Balls x3, Hyper Balls x5, Max Potions x2, Full Heal x2

Area effects: Flowers and shrubs grow better. A small spring lay on one side and tiny buds of daisies grouped themselves on the sides.

Encounters remaining: 3

Current Wild Pokemon: Snubull? (???)

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon: Infernape [84.00%]
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Grass Knot, U-Turn, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Rock Tomb, Hidden Power [Electric], Shadow Claw, Overheat, Fire Blast
BM/SM/MT: Thunderpunch, Encore, Fake Out

Pokemon: Togekiss [0.00%] = [Fainted]
Nickname: -
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Gentle
TM/HM: Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Psych Up, Psychic, Grass Knot, Roost, Shock Wave, Hyper Beam, Hidden Power [Poison], Silver Wind, Attract, Light Screen, Reflect, Protect, Double Team
BM/SM/MT: Nasty Plot, Tri-Attack

Pokemon we have encountered: Taillow, Wurmple, Whismur, Krickatune, Farfetch'd, Aipom, Bellsprout, Heracross, Shuckle, Slakoth, Illumise, Snubull

Pokemon captured: Farfetch'd♀ (Rash) | Aipom♀ (Impish) | Heracross♂ (Bold)

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