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Default Re: Individual RP;; Khajmer

"Not a fighter, eh?" Best prevent her from trying to flee then. I'd rather she take the option of fight than flight. "Inari, keep her from running with a Fire Spin!"

Inari wasted no time, recognizing that if I wanted to pin the target in it was probably good not to waste time. Her mouth opened and a fireball rose from her throat. She launched it, but it didn't follow a straight path; rather, it spun in a circle through the air, leaving a thin stream of fire behind it. Whether it hit Flaafy or not wasn't the point, although that would be a bonus. The intention was that once it passed her, it would hit the ground, setting it alight. I wasn't concerned about causing too much damage though. The nature of this attack was much more contained than, say, a Fire Blast. The Fire Spin would form a large ring, encompassing both Pokemon as well as Ash and myself. It wouldn't leave much lasting damage other than perhaps a circle of scorched grass, and that would grow back easily by the next season.
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