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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

(click box-art for soundtrack image)

Title: Super Mario Galaxy
Artist: Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo (Performed by Mario Galaxy Orchestra)
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Link to Buy: Click to go to
Favorite Song: Toy Time Galaxy


Fitting-in: 10/10
SMG's music fits perfectly with the situations given in the game.

Originality: 9/10
Minor recognizable tunes from other Nintendo songs can be taken from some of the songs here. But that can be said with anything that Nintendo has done. There are also songs where songs from older Mario games have been taken and mixed. Which shouldn't be a complaint, really.

Diversity: 7/10
Although all of the songs have a different feel, they all generally have the same sounds and tunes. Even though it's nothing big, things could have been changed here and there.

Nostalgia Value: 8/10
Most of the songs are recognizable. But very few of them seem different and don't set in quite as easily as others, making it hard to differentiate between different games. In fact, I'd say some of these can be closely compared to some of those of Brawl.

Overall: 8.5/10

Closing comments: Even though there's a wide variety of songs on the Platinum soundtrack (81 songs on 2 discs/28 songs on 1 disc for the original soundtrack) I wouldn't recommend picking it up. Over 100USD, it's not really anything you need- unless you really like Mario. I'd suggest buying the game itself. That way, you get the satisfaction of listen to the music, and you also get the joy of playing a videogame on your Wii console. :3

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