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Default Re: Contest Chat [For Contest-related questions too]

Meh, I'm not sure the Quiz is as easy as some people would have it be thought. I mean sure, compared to like the Ref Quiz it might be easy, but then again so are the Ranger and Grader quizzes. Anyways, you can't just pick up Judging until you understand the basics, and for that you need to at least take part in some Contests. It's not to hard once you get the hang of it, really, so I don't see a need to make the Quiz impossible to pass or anything lol.

At any rate, if any of the current Judges were doing a bad job because they breezed through an incompetent test, it seems DG or someone would have made it harder to begin with. But since there don't seem to be a large number of phail-Judges, it doesn't seem like the system needs fixing. Of course, there is a very small number of active Judges at the moment, and we won't really know for certain if the quiz is indeed letting incompetent Judges get passed until we get a larger number of Judges to base that on.

I understand you're wanting to keep that from becoming the issue, but for now, it seems silly to make the Quiz harder. Also keep in mind that there are so few Judges to begin with. True, Contests are probably the least active section of the URPG, but if you make it too hard for people to become Judges, the Judging team will take all the longer to expand. If more Judges pass, there's a chance the Contest section will become more active. It seems to me it was so inactive to begin with because there were so few active Judges around. If we have more Judges perhaps more people will get interested (especially since new Judges could spread the word around to other people and get them to take part). Making the quiz harder at this stage would prevent that new recruitment, or at least make it take a lot longer.

I know that the last thing we want is a giant herd of Judges who don't know what they're doing, but like I said, so far the Judges seem competent, and so I think the Quiz is fine for now. Leave it be, let more people become Judges, and maybe this section will one day become a rival with the Battles section in terms of activity.

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