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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

OOC: Ugh, I feel bad for these short posts, when the battles start up I'll do better, I promise. =D
It appeared that the orange dragon-like Pokémon had descended from Mt. Deckbi. It landed between Charmander and both Ash and I. It was obvious to us that this Charizard was the Charmander's mother and it would do anything to protect its child.

Responding to his Ranger, Lance replied in a calm tone, "We'd better go around to the main entrance, none of my Pokémon know Flash and trekking through a cave in the dark might be a little dangerous."

Lance would have preferred the cave since he wanted to collect a few rock or ground types however he knew that it would be smarter to go with the safer route. Lance quietly sneaked to the edge of the cave and awaited for his ranger to meet him.
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