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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

Sec gazed at the, already bulky, mound of lavender slop as it contorted and expanded to take on a hardier shape. With a vacuum-like gasp of oxygen, Swalot’s body multiplied in size and the Pokemon’s defenses rose to new heights. Wonderful… It’s even harder hurt… Were the only words that could scroll across Sec’s mind.

“Alright Togekiss, let’s get this over with! Plain and simple! Ancient Power! Make sure to dodge the poison attacks that are sure to follow!” Sec barked rapidly.

He was honestly getting sick of the power plant and wanted to hurry along, though this Swalot was still something he was very much so looking forward to. If he had to he would stay, but he had hoped that he would get lucky this time around and that Togekiss would be successful.

Togekiss’s eyes glowed with an ethereal light which seemed to surround its entire being. The piercing eyes, blinding as the headlights of an oncoming pickup truck, were about to bring about a force that would be just as deadly. The room trembled, the ground shook, tables collapsed, and the lamps that hung from the ceiling shook vigorously and looked as I they’d all drop like raindrops. Slowly, the ground around Swalot began to crack and shatter, allowing several large chunks of concrete, linoleum, and rock to fly into the air and hover around Swalot. The spheres of rubble glowed with the same blinding shimmer that Togekiss’s devilish eyes gave off.

“Fire!” Sec burst, as he flung out a hand to point at Swalot; a leader commanding his troops.

Togekiss chirped as she released her hold on the ethereal spheres of destructive mass; each clump of rock and flooring flew at Swalot, attempting to strike.

“If this hits, I’m throwing this ball…” Sec muttered to Eli, a Superball waiting impatiently in his hand.
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