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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Sindrayla spun around after dodging the series of quick attacks from the Absol, easily evading them with her greatly enhanced speed. Still, the Absol's offence forced Sindrayala to go into defence, and she didn't like that one bit.
Kirethidae couldn't see the violent dragon keeping up that defence, so he opted for a strategy that involved her going on the offensive once again, taking the Absol by storm.

Sindrayala would probably take a bit of damage if she smashed through the Absol's attacks with wild abandon, recklessly foregoing any defence in favour of a surprise attack of her won.
Kirethidae was content with the plan. He knew it would suit Sindrayala's nature, and could be a very good turning point in the battle if it went well.

Nodding his head slightly, Kirethidae opened his mouth to convey his orders to the fueled Dragonite.
"Now, Sindrayala, go on the offensive once again. Speed towards that Absol as fast as possible, don't even try to dodge, just power through, unleashing a Flamethrower on the way. Then, when you're close, smack the hopefully surprised enemy with a quick Wing Attack, hitting her up into the air before going on an almighty Outrage!"

Sindrayala roared with approval of the straightfoward plan, and jumped off the ground a little, starting to take a low, speedy flight across the wide cave. Forcing a blazing inferno up from inside, she started to blow out a deadly Flamethrower whilst closing the distance between herself and the Absol...
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