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Default Re: Individual RP;; Eeveedude

Lance quickly returned Espeon back into its ball and then followed Ash in jumping out of the way in order to avoid Bronzor’s attack. The purple bolt struck the wall and a few medium-sized rocks fell to the dirt-covered ground.

A Bronzor eh? That would make a good addition to my team,” suggested Lance with a grin. “Come on out Ursaring!” As he said this, he threw a pokeball into the air and a normal, Bear Pokemon emerged from the beam. It swung its sharp claws in the air as it landed on its feet and its round, stubby ears twitched at the sight of the small psychic disk.

Lance noticed that unlike some Bronzor, this one paid no attention to the climbing temperature. “It must have the Heat Proof ability,” thought Lance to himself, somewhat disappointed. He knew however that he needed to be optimistic for Ugh-Muffin's sake. “Alright Ugh-Muffin," began Lance in a cheery mood. "Let’s start this battle off with a Swords Dance, then go straight into an Ice Punch attack.

The Ursaring smiled and prepared to use Swords Dance.
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