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Default Expansion: Training Committee

Training Committee

Chair: Scourge of Amaranth
Minions: Stunky, Mitsuzo-kun, Lord Khajmer, Iridium, -Pichu Boy-, Fierce Deity, TsukiKaiki64, GreenRampage, Haze, iReign

- The Training Committee's job is two-fold.
- First, they are responsible for helping each of the 4 main sections to develop qualified refs, graders, rangers, and judges in preparation for an influx of members.
- Secondly, they must be ready when the new members on BMG begin to take on positions themselves and contribute back to the URPG. Whether this takes the form of mentoring, special lessons, etc; is up to the Committee to decide.

At the moment, the training of current members is the priority. The primary option at this point seems to be an informal Master and Apprentice program, in which everyone on the committee picks up a few non-officials they believe would be responsible and dedicated enough to get some good wear out of a sparkly new position. At this point I'm hoping that everyone could handle at least two new officials at a time. As to priority in training--referees, followed by rangers, graders, and judges, in that order. (Very important, folks.) This is only "at the moment," however, and is based primarily upon the current discussions regarding the Park.

Stunky has suggested a similar procedure for the newbie BMGs--except instead of the ridiculously intimidating Master and Apprentice relationship (which just makes me think of bad Harry Potter fanfiction *cough*)... it's going to be more of a buddy system. Particulars have yet to be established, but at this point I'm thinking we'll scout out people who are willing to tote BMG members around with them. We'll be overseeing the program, taking complaints, ensuring everyone's semi-doing their job (as much as we can expect from the internet, at any rate), and beating up anyone who interferes. It'll help build bonds between the forums and make BMG people better at URPG, baha. (So talk about this, whether not it'll work, whether or not we should scrap it, and how the heck we'll institute it and make people do their jobs.)

Additionally, I'll likely be taking more people onto the committee based upon how quickly/successfully the new-officials plot pans out.

At any rate. IDEAS?

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