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Default Re: Pokemon Black Market

Oh My Gosh R U Serious!? Well Can i Have:
Lv 100 Arceus, Lv 100 Kyogre, Lv 100 Spiritomb, Lv 100 Milotic, Lv 100 Lugia, Lv 100 Latias & Latios, Lv 100 Entei, Suisine, & Riakou, Lv 100 Shaymin, Lv 100 Groudon, Lv 100 Mew & MewTwo, & Lv 100 Raquaza.
In Return For These:
Phione, Dratini, Poochyena, Spinda, & more

Also R U Able To Clone? If So I may need your help
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