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Default Re: robertSTUFF [77] [My Life Sucks, added 31-07]

The Track of Love

I want to hear the wolf howl.
I want to see the birds fly.
I want to see the horse run free.
And I want to see you, together with me.

Make my knees tremble.
Make my hairs stand up.
Make my heart skip a beat.
I want to experience things Iíve not experienced before.

Can you do that for me?
Can you truly make me happy?
Letís see if you can.
I want to see if you can.

Iíve fallen for you.
Tripped over my own feet,
While walking over a flat surface,
With not a single obstacle in sight.

Youíve already picked me up.
Now keep me up right.
Walk with me, be with me.
Weíll make the full run.

Start with baby steps.
Quicken the pace.
Break into a run.
Fly into the sun...

Together, weíll finish the track of love.


Robert Brame

my gift is my song and this one is for you + don't look down, it's only love that we're falling in
all the way to your very last breath, I'll be around 'till we're parted by Death + sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

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