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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Title: Mass Effect
Artist: Jack Wall / Sam Hulick
Platform: Xbox 360 and PC
Link to download: Amazon ($13.99)
Favorite Song: M4 Part 2 (Ft. Faunts)

Fitting-in: 10/10
Yeah. They legitimately couldn't have done better here. Everything fit and flowed with the game perfectly.

Originality: 9/10
No randomly placed generic rock, raps with no beats or crappy pop at all. With all the games coming out nowadays that contains at least one of the three I said, I'd say it's completely original. The sound is unique to ME as well, I've not heard anything quite like this in any other game. Although I don't play that many games. I'll give it a 9, just to be safe.

Diversity: 10/10
Everything stands out as different here, and the only songs that sound similar to each other are the ones that are continued from the same part (like Eden Prime theme and Battle of Eden Prime theme.).

Nostalgia Value: 9/10
"Say you have your songs on shuffle, and you hear this. Can you reconize what it's from, and does it bring back memories?" - In a word, YES. I've got this on my iPod and listen to all the tracks all the time. When one of the songs come up in shuffle, I straight away think of how awesome that level was, and it makes me want to go back and play it again. It's not old enough for a huge Nostalgia rating though, so yeah, only a 9.

Overall: 9.5/10.

Closing comments:
This was, legitimately, perfect. It's as good as a video game soundtrack as you're going to get. And the second game had some fantastic tracks as well. Also, the death theme is also Saren's theme. That's awesome. I'd have rated this full marks, buuut then I'd have came off as too much of a fanboy. 9.50 shall surfice, since that's a great rating anyway. For a great game.

Sorry if you wanted to do Mass Effect Seawolf (and or everybody else). You can do Mass Effect 2 if you want. Just that I listened to the whole ME soundtrack again today, and... well, yeah.
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