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Default Re: Individual RP: F.D.

Wow, what a unique place. It was sort of like a forest, but the entire middle had been cut out, leaving only small shrubs and just wide open areas. I started to imagine myself sitting in the middle of a large clearing, with lots of rare Pokémon surrounding me, But that little dream ended as Ranger Jake said something to me.

"Where would you like to explore first?" He politely asked.

I looked around where we were standing, They were a lot of small tracks leading off the area we were standing at, it all looked exactly the same, and my map had barely no detail, So how on earth could I pick a spot to go?

“Ummm.” I said with a puzzled look on my face. “How about that way?” I said gladly, as I pointed to the track at the east of the opening.

OOC: Sorry about the really short reply, couldn't really think of anything else to put.

~ Nick .
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