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Default Individual RP: Flammenwerfer

Ding Ding Bang Bang. My alarm clock had went off. I jumped out of bed ans turned it off. I look at the time and it was 8:55. I was going to be late to the office. I quickly grabbed out of my closet my new Ranger uniform. I slipped my shirt and sorts on. Grabbed my socks and slipped my shoes on. I was ready to go. Just had to grab my Pokeballs. I grabbed them off my office desk and jumped into the Cart and drove to the Ranger Office.

As I arrived I saw a boy that looked "5"8 with dark brown hair. He was standing there patiently. I hopped out of the Car and walked over to him and said

"So you must be Shawn. Nice to meet you. So today we're going to Meteor Valley. Tell me when your ready."

As I finished my sentence I dropped one of my Pokeballs on the ground and Gallade popped out. I picked the ball up and waited patiently.

Name: Shawn Harbitt

Location: Meteor Valley a.k.a. Section 8

Style: Individual

Encounters Remaining~15

Total Money: $1,500

Total Items:


Intermediate Disk x1

Type Repel (Psychic) x1

Hyper Ball x1

Super Balls x3

Park Ball x1

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor (M)
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
Special Moves: N/A

Pichu (F)
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Static
Special Moves: N/A

Total Pokemon Encountered:n/a

Total Pokemon Captured:n/a

Hatch @ 309
Evolve @ 348
Lv 100 @ 594
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