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Default Re: Purified (PG) [Ch. 5 Finally!]

“Missed me?” I smirked, stepping forward.

“Don’t get smart with me!” Folly spat.

“You gonna to be a good little boy and hand the girl over?” Trudly interrupted, sneering at us.

“I don’t think so,” I casually folded my arms. Sure, there was something different about Rui, but I wasn’t an idiot. I wasn’t about to give her over to these thugs. They had gagged her and stuffed her in a sack, and that was hardly human. In my peripheral vision, I saw Rui exhale in relief.

“Well, that’s too bad for you,” Folly stepped forward, popping his knuckles and rolling his head on his neck. “That last battle was just a fluke, but I’m ready for you this time. No more foul ups from me.”

“Oh, yeah, your new Pokémon’s just going to scare them out of their socks,” Trudly muttered under his breath.

“Quiet, you!” the fire-haired lackey snapped, taking out his Poké Balls.

I glanced uncertainly around the room, feeling guilty about battling in the mayor’s house. With how rough battles can be, we might end up utterly trashing his living room. Still, I was doing it to help save him, right? He’d understand that a few broken trinkets were a small price to pay for his protection. Nodding to Yin and Yang, they padded forward onto the inconvenient battlefield. We would try to be careful with the property as much as we could, but I wish I could say the same for Folly and Trudly.

“Go, Whismur! Lotad!”

A familiar purple rabbit-like creature flashed into existence from one of Folly’s Poké Balls, but the other that appeared next to it resembled a cross between a turtle and a lily pad. It bravely stood up on the back pair of its six stubby legs and squeaked a challenge. The room suddenly fell quiet.

“Uh, really?” Rui broke the awkward silence, raising an eyebrow.

“Told you,” Trudly sighed, lowering his head.

“All right, I don’t want another word out of any of you!” Folly exclaimed, exasperated. “Shut your yaps and let me battle.”

“Good thing I brought Pokémon this time,” Trudly mumbled, regardless.

Folly spun around, pointing at him warningly with his index finger. His cohort raised his hands in surrender and motioned for him to continue.

“All right, no more fooling around,” Folly declared, facing his team. “Let’s get cracking. Whismur, start with a Supersonic attack. Lotad, absorb! Hop to it!”

Folly’s Lotad promptly obeyed, jumping into the battle excitedly while his partner approached much more cautiously.

“Yin, Reflect,” I countered with orders of my own. “Yang, Taunt.”

My Eevee evolutions moved quicker then Folly’s team, and before the Lotad or Whismur could land their attacks, Yin set up a barrier around himself and his brother. Yang locked eyes with the Whismur as the glowing rings on his body flashed brightly, and as the result, the Whisper Pokémon started fuming at the Umbreon’s enchanted taunt, unable to control himself. The Supersonic attack was all but forgotten, and instead the rabbit punched one of his long ears out at Yang. Deftly, he managed to dodge the ill-aimed blow, smirking smugly to himself. I knew how well the Umbreon enjoyed toying with his opponents, employing tricky tactics and showing off his skill, but sometimes he could get overly cocky. Luckily, his brother would usually watch his back, but at the moment, he was busy with the Lotad. Latching itself onto the barrier around the Espeon, the Water Weed Pokémon was sucking energy from it like a leech. In turn, it was draining a part of Yin’s life source, but being fresh from the Poké Ball, it wasn’t able to keep it up for long. Finally, it dropped back onto the carpeted floor, slow and sluggish as if it had too much to eat.

“Yin, you okay?” I called out to the Espeon in concern, who shook his head clear and kept on a fighting face. Apparently, the attack hadn’t drained too much from him. Taking that as an affirmative, I shouted my next commands: “Confusion, Yin. Yang, Bite.”

“Oi! Get it together, Lotad!” Folly shouted as well. “Nature Power, now! And Whismur, use Stomp!”

The next turn unfolded as the battlers obeyed their next commands. Yin flattened his ears against his head, and the Lotad recoiled as if taking a blow to the head. However, it shook off the attack and squeaked another challenge. We all held our breath as we waited to see what would happen, as Nature Power acted much like Yang’s Secret Power, drawing power from the surrounding environment. Who knew what it would do inside a building? That question was quickly answered when the books shelved behind the Mayor’s desk flew off their perches towards the waiting Espeon. The Reflect he had set up luckily deflected any serious harm, but the force of the books colliding with the barrier jostled him around a little.

Yang, meanwhile, had locked his jaws on one of the Whismur’s ears, who frustratingly tried to stomp his foot on the Umbreon. Yet whenever it got close, Yang would yank on the captive ear, throwing the rabbit off balance. Finally, it got smart and socked Yang in the face with its other ear, forcing him to let go, then kicked the fox to the ground.

Folly started chucking to himself. “Not as easy as last time, huh?”

I gritted my teeth, wondering how to approach this next. These Pokémon were a bit more enduring than the last pair he had, but still, I wasn’t too concerned. Really, why would anyone think that Whismur or Lotad could wipe anyone out? Why not throw flowers and berries and hope that some managed to knock anyone unconscious? The Whismur could cause a little grief, especially if it--

“Uproar, Whismur!” Folly continued. “And Lotad, Astonish!”

Oh, no.

The Whismur immediately started screaming his head off, just as the other two had done back at Phenac’s gate. Everyone’s hands flew up to their ears in an attempt to block out the sound, but somehow it managed to hammer through to our heads. Though it was alone, the volume had to be about the same as the earlier duo, thanks to the enclosed space of the Mayor’s home. What objects were left on the shelves vibrated where they sat, but a vase fell off and shattered all over the floor. All the other Pokémon sat where they stood, dazed. Even the Lotad couldn’t budge for a hesitant moment, until it forced itself into action. Leaping towards Yin, it butted heads with him, yet thanks to the Reflect once more, its power was weakened even though it would have been super-effective.

“Yin, Yang!” I tried shouting over the Uproar, hands still clamped to my ears. “Gang up on it! Use anything!”

I couldn’t be sure if they heard me, but Yin always sensed what I was thinking. Shaking off the effects of the Astonish move and keeping his large ears against his skull, the Espeon blindly charged forward, his body glowing with Return. His mad dash somehow met the howling Whismur, and the Uproar was suddenly cut off as Yin jammed it into a wall, successfully knocking the wind out of it. Yang, his pointy ears flapping against his head as he shook it, turned and glared at the Whismur. After a sharp growl, he charged in and tackled it into the wall yet again. As the two brothers stepped back, a frame slipped off the wall in time to crash into the purple rabbit’s head, effectively knocking it out.

“Just so we’re clear, I hate Whismur,” Trudly growled, fiercely rubbing his ear with an index finger.

“Just so we’re clear, I don’t give a dang,” his companion retorted, holding out a Poké Ball to return his fainted Pokémon. He scowled at me, knowing that he had finally been cornered. Again. His Lotad realized that he was all alone, and suddenly seemed less courageous and determined as before. Still, Folly was going to force him to fight. “Lotad, Mega Drain, now!”

Gulping, the Water Lily Pokémon stepped forward and focused, creating an orb of glowing, green energy before it.

“Yin, Confusion,” I gave my orders. “Yang, Quick Attack.”

Yang disappeared, only to become visible again as he collided with Folly’s Pokémon. His brother followed up with his attack, using his psychic ability to cause the Lotad to hurt himself. The combination of both moves left the creature disoriented and dizzy, until he keeled over and wouldn’t get up again. Once again, Folly had been defeated.

“You’re new to this, aren’t you?” I asked him nonchalantly.

Folly fumed as he returned his last Pokémon, stomping his feet and growling incoherently under his breath. “Again? How could I get beat AGAIN? Arrrh! This is so retarded!”

“Man, you’re gonna get it from the boss,” Trudly whistled.

“Okay, wise guy! I’d like to see you try to beat this guy! Why don’t you step up to the plate?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” the slouching teen lifted his chin, moving in front of his partner in crime. From his orange vest, he took out a pair of Poké Balls, an impish smile spreading across his face. “I’m not weak like Folly. I actually have some good Pokémon.”

“Hey!” Folly frowned.

“I’ll be the judge of that, won’t I?” I replied, gearing up for yet another battle. Yin and Yang, freshly restored from our visit to the Poké Center, remained strong. We could face another round easily, especially if Trudly was anything like his partner.
End Chapter

Well, There you have it! ^^ That's got to be the longest chapter I've posted yet. o_____o' Still, I hope you enjoyed it! It was really interesting to get into Rui's point of view for this; i really hadn't thought of it before, but this story is about both of them. Also, there's a little foreshadowing in it that kinda gives a hint to her ability--kind of. Anyway, I apologize for the wait. ^^'

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