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Default Re: Individual RP: Flammenwerfer


Meteor Valley
Ranger Leo & Trainer Shawn



"Hah!" Shawn exclaimed. "Time to throw these balls." Shawn said as he

"Pichu! Thundershock the same Absol! Then follow up with Thunder Wave on the other! And Scizor, use Quick Attack on the second!" The Pichu began to charge its red small cheeks as it let out a small blast of electricity to the Absol. The Absol took the attack as it launched a Flamethrower attack at the Pichu. A long stream of hot flames hit the Pichu.

The Scizor began to move at incredible speeds as it launched itself at the at the other Absol, hitting it with a quick attack, slamming into it hard. The Pichu managed to escape the flames as it charged an electrical ball at the unparalyzed Absol.

"Heh. Alright now." Shawn put on his aviators as he held up the two balls. "Scizor, slam these balls into the Absols!" Shawn tossed the Super Balls into the air, the Scizor smacking the balls towards the Absols, hitting one on the head and the other on the stomach. The balls shook several times before coming to a rest.

"Wow, congrats, you captured them both!" I happily said.


Battle Stats;
Absol A 30% Para - Absol B 35% Para

Pichu 76% Burn SpA4 - Scizor 85% Att2
Nasty Plot/Thundershock - Roost/X-Scissor

Wild Pokemon:

Your Pokemon

Current Stats;

Trainer: Shawn Harbitt
Location: Meteor Valley.
Area Effects: None
Encounters Remaining: 11

Pokemon Stats:

Scizor [Male, Adamant, Techncian]
TM/HM: Roost.
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Battle]

Pichu [Female, Static, Jolly]
TM/HM: None
BM/SM/MT: None.
[In Pokeball]

Total Items; PokePlayer, 1 Intermediate Disk (Unused), Hyperball x 1, Superball x 3 & Parkball x 1.

Total Seen Pokemon; Absol, Cleffa, ???

Total Captured Pokemon; Calm Absol 30% - Careful Absol 35%
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