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Default Re: [T]he [D]eadly [L]egacy .:Recruiting:. [6/15]

Hey guys I got some sad news. My nephews decided that my dsi needed to take a bath and drunk it into some water. It was in a case with my pokemon hg, final fantasy IV, my action replayer, a sd card, charger, and my acekard.

My dsi is no longer working(unless it magically does tomorrow) along with my action replayer. My pokemon hg is loading up, but it's saying it can't recognize the save files, so it's junk. My sd card and my ff iv is still working, and I don't know about my charger since it was for the dsi. I don't about my acekard. I tried and it froze when it says loading, then the second it time it got where the games are, then froze. Third time I got into the game and ran around a little, so I thought it was finally working. I tried to save, but it froze. And now, the ds isn't even recognizing it, but I'm going to let it completely dry out and see if it works. If doesn't, I'm getting a replacement.

So yeah this sucks. I still have my old ds lite and my platinum with teams on it, but I have to fine it first. xD Man I just had that ds for like 3 months....
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