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Default Re: Individual RP: Gamedude

"Good, work King! Looks like we poisoned him!" The trainer told his trusty Pokemon. Craig looked around at his surroundings, he noticed a tall old rotting tree right behind the oversize vine Pokemon. Craig chuckled as he planed out his next move. Craig got on his knee and ran his fingers threw the lush green grass. The trainer quickly stood up and nodded at his Pokemon.

"King, charge towards Tangrowth and preform a double kick on my command!" The brave trainer said to the Purple monster.

"I know this is going to work" The lanky trainer told the confused Ranger. King began to charge the Tangrowth.

"Get ready... and.... kick Tangrowth!" As King swung his foot into the center of Tangrowth, Tangrowth smiled and got ready to block the attack.

"Not so fast there Tangrowth!"

"King, spin and knock Tangrowth in to the tree!" King quickly landed on his hands and began to spin the leg aimed towards the Tangrowth. Craig made sure earlier that King would be able to swing Tangrowth on the grass.

"There we go!" Craig said cheerfully


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Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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