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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

I turned back and looked at the crab Pokemon that stalked us. When our attention focused intensely onto Krabby, it stopped dead in its tracks after it saw that we knew it was following us.

"Eh, I don't want to catch random Pokemon and waste my items on them just in case some more Pokemon appear later on, y'know," I said to my Ranger. After I looked back at Krabby, it still stood there to see what our next move was.

I wanted to take one step towards it real quick to startle it for fun, but I decided not to. The sea breeze near felt really awesome, but if I stood here too long, it would get too cold. When I looked to my left through my peripheral vision, it was clear that Ranger Jake stood there enjoying the breeze, too. I wasn't even sure if he acknowledged what I just said.

"Shall we move on?" I asked him.

While I waited for his response, I looked back at Krabby and wanted to tease it. I picked up a little piece of rock and chucked it at the Pokemon to intimidate it. The pebble flew towards the crab at a remarkable pace, as I stood there to see what would happen.
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