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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

"This is just what I've been waiting for. I wonder which Pokemon I should use?" I questioned myself. I looked at the star-shaped Pokemon and a smile consumed my face.

My hand dug into my pocket and felt around until I got the Pokemon I felt was necessary for this battle. I knew I just used Electivire for my battle against Shellos, so I wanted to give it a little break before its next battle.

"Hmm, maybe this will do," I said, as I grabbed and pulled out the sphere containing Porygon-Z. My arm yanked back and tossed the Pokeball into the air.

"Go, Porygon-Z!" I shouted. A bright light lit the area up, as a blue-red Pokemon emerged from it with a peculiar shaking of its body. When it noticed Starmie, its movements started to settle down and its eyes focused onto the star Pokemon. It looked like its body moved faster and looked more determined. Could be from the Download boost it got off of Starmie.

"Quickly, use Lock-On and follow up with Zap Cannon!" I commanded my Porygon-Z. My full-fledged attention was on this upcoming battle since this was an evolved Pokemon, so I didn't expect this to be an easy catch at any point until I managed to weaken it.

The cybernetic Pokemon mentally separated itself from its surroundings and managed to take target of Starmie. A large blue-green ball with electrical jolts emerged and increased in size in front of Porygon-Z until it was within a good size to cause substantial damage. The Zap Cannon was shot and changed its course to aim directly at Starmie.

"C'mon, Porygon-Z!" I shouted in suspense. I knew that if Zap Cannon made contact, the opposing Pokemon would gain paralysis, which would definitely be beneficial in capturing it.
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