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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

"Wow, this is kind of annoying," I said, as I failed to catch Delibird a second time. The Super Ball rolled towards Jake, and he handed it to me, urging me to try again.

Meanwhile, Delibird had already swallowed its Sitrus Berry, and healed a bit of its health. Then, as it no longer felt any need for the Park Ball, it threw it straight at Infernape.

The ball touched Infernape with a dull thud on its head, causing a little bit of damage. However, the good thing was that I had the ball now, or at least Infernape had.

Infernape then picked up the ball, and raised its high in his arm, and it seemed like it was going to throw the ball himself, in order to catch Delibird.

"Hehe, Infernape," I said, "Leave that to me."

Infernape threw the Park Ball towards me, as I caught it single-handedly.

"Alright, Infernape, it seems like Delibird has healed up a bit. Try and attack with Scratch again, but make sure you don't knock it out," I said.

Infernape was pretty close to Delibird this time, so he didn't have to do anything much. He simply walked a bit towards Delibird, then raising his arm high, it proceeded to scratch Delibird with its nails again, as I threw the Park Ball towards Delibird, hoping that this time luck would be on my side.

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