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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

After seeing the tricks Starmie could pull out of its sleeves, I had a brilliant idea in store for it. The area was covered in scattered sections of water, so I remembered the perfect Pokemon with the perfect strategy for this situation.

"Porygon-Z, return!" I shouted with its Pokeball clutched in my hand. A bright engulfing light consumed the cybernetic Pokemon, and returned it safely inside. My hand dug into my pocket and exchanged Porygon-Z Pokeball with my next Pokemon's.

"This is our chance. Go, Electivire!" I announced to the sky. Its Pokeball was once again exposed and opened, which allowed the powerful Pokemon to emerge from it in a blinding white light.

Electivire let off a startling battle cry which scared several Flying-type Pokemon into fleeing in all sorts of directions. His large yellow body and bulging forearms were big enough to intimidate any Pokemon smaller than him.

I had to act real quick for this plan to work. It worked perfectly in my mind, just as long as I'll be able to fluently transition it onto the battling field. Starmie was still wet, and it seemed like several paths of water on the ground led to it.

"Electivire, use Shock Wave on Starmie!" I commanded it. His body started to glow brighter and brighter, and soon engulfed with electrical jolts surrounding every part of him.

I acted quick at this moment. Right before Electivire used Shock Wave, I lunged my body towards the puddle of water nearest to him and kicked it onto him. I jumped out of the way in time for his Shock Wave to spread in a 360 degree radius. Pulses of powered-up electricity traveled through the paths of water and linked up towards where Starmie was.

I couldn't forget about Electivire's Motor Drive ability. I hoped the same way Porygon-Z paralyzed itself from Zap Cannon after it got wet, that my Electivire could also conduct some electricity from Shock Wave and activate it.

"Let's go!" I tiredly shouted. I was a little exhausted from what I just did, but still positioned myself to clearly see what would happen next.
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