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Name; Jenn.
Money; $4.
Positions/Jobs; Moderator, Trainer, Referee, Ranger, Approver, Judge, Coordinator, Gym Leader.
Gym; Physical Rebellion.


#1 Volcarona
Ability; Flame Body.
Larvesta; Starter.
Volcarona; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x


#2 Metagross
Ability; Clear Body.
Beldum; Starter.
Metang; Evolution Dojo.
Metagross; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x


#3 Jellicent
Ability; Cursed Body.
Frillish; Starter.
Jellicent; Evolution Dojo.


#4 Mandibuzz
Ability; Overcoat.
Vullaby; Adoption Center.
Mandibuzz; Evolution Dojo.


#5 Hitmontop
Ability; Guts.
Tyrogue; Traded sammy0295 for my Pichu.
Hitmontop; Evolution Dojo.


#6 Walrein
Ability; Ice Body.
Spheal; Adoption Center.
Sealeo; Evolution Dojo.
Walrein; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x

#7 Vanilluxe
Ability; Ice Body.
Vanillite; Adoption Center.
Vanillish; Evolution Dojo.
Vanilluxe; Evolution Dojo.

#8 Chandelure
Ability; Flame Body.
Litwick; Adoption Center.
Lampent; Evolution Dojo.
Chandelure; Evolution Dojo.


#9 Ninetails
Ability; Flash Fire.
Ninetails; Mother's Day AIM Event, '11.


#10 Banette
Ability; Cursed Body.
Shuppet; Adoption Center.
Banette; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x


#11 Lilligant
Ability; Chlorophyll.
Petilil; Adoption Center.
Lilligant; Evolution Dojo.


#12 Whimsicott
Ability; Prankster.
Cottonee; Adoption Center.
Whimsicott; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x


#13 Vaporeon
Ability; Water Absorb.
Vaporeon; Father's Day Event, '11.


#14 Drapion
Ability; Sniper.
Skorupi; Won in the Auction Tent.
Drapion; Evolution Dojo.
Battles; x

Templi Rex

#15 Excadrill
Ability; Sand Force.
Drilbur; Adoption Center.
Excadrill; Evolution Center.


#16 Electivire
Ability; Motor Drive.
Elekid; Adoption Center.
Electabuzz; Evolution Center.
Electivire; Evolution Center.


#17 *Seaking
Ability; Water Veil.
Goldeen; Live Auction Event, Sep., '11.
Seaking; Evolution Center.

#18 Scolipede
Ability; Swarm.
Whirlipede; Traded with White Knight for my Nyan.
Scolipede; Evolution Center.

#19 Dusknoir
Ability; Pressure.
Dusclops; Safari Zone.
Dusknoir; Evolution Center.

#20 Delcatty
Ability; Cute Charm.
Delcatty; Safari Zone.

#21 Togekiss
Ability; Serene Grace.
Togepi; Safari Zone.
Togetic; Evolution Dojo.
Togekiss; Evolution Dojo.

#22 Cofagrigus
Ability; Mummy.
Cofagrigus; Purchased from the Halloween Yard Sale.

#23 Seismitoad
Ability; Swift Swim.
Tympole; Valentine's Day Event, '12.
Palpitoad; Evolution Center.
Seismitoad; Evolution Center.

#24 Flygon
Ability: Levitate.
Trapinch: Nate's Birthday Event, '12.
Vibrava; Evolution Center.
Flygon; Evolution Center.
Battles; x

#25 Nidoqueen
Ability; Rivalry.
Nidoqueen; Mother's and Father's Day bundle Event, '12.

#26 Zoroark
Ability; Illusion.
Zoroark; Mother's and Father's Day bundle Event, '12.

#27 Cradily
Ability; Suction Cups.
Lileep; Adoption Center.
Cradily; Evolution Center.
Battles; x

#28 Elektross
Ability; Levitate.
Tynamo; Adoption Center.
Elektrik; Evolution Dojo.
Elektross; Evolution Dojo.

#29 Musharna
Ability; Synchronize.
Munna; Adoption Center.
Musharna; Evolution Center.


#30 Conkeldurr
Ability; Guts.
Timburr; Adoption Center.
Gurdurr; Evolution Center.
Conkeldurr; Traded with Dark Moonlight in the Trading Bazaar.
Battles; x x

#31 Torkoal
Ability; White Smoke.
Torkoal; Received at the Post office.

#32 Bisharp
Ability; Defiant.
Pawniard; Adoption Center.
Bisharp; Evolution Center.

#33 Crustle
Ability; Shell Armor.
Dwebble; Adoption Center.
Crustle; Evolution Center.

#34 Swoobat
Ability; Simple.
Swoobat; Winning bid at the Auction Tent.

#35 Honchkrow
Ability; Super Luck.
Murkrow; Adoption Center.
Honchkrow; Evolution Dojo.

#36 Mismagius
Ability; Levitate.
Misdreavus; Adoption Center.
Mismagius; Evolution Dojo.

#37 Golurk
Ability; Iron Fist.
Golett; Adoption Center.
Golurk; Evolution Dojo.

#38 Muk
Ability; Sticky Hold.
Muk; Bought at the Halloween Yard Sale.

#39 Hydreigon
Ability; Levitate.
Deino; Adoption Center.
Zwelious; Evolution Dojo.
Hydreigon; Evolution Dojo.

#40 Leavanny
Ability; Swarm.
Sewaddle; Adoption Center.
Swadloon; Evolution Dojo.
Leavanny; Evolution Dojo.

#41 Toxicroak
Ability; Dry Skin.
Croaguk; Traded with Dark Moonlight for my Ninetales.
Toxicroak; Evolution Dojo.

#42 Magmortar
Ability; Flame Body.
Magby; Adoption Center.
Magmar; Evolution Dojo.
Magmortar; Evolution Dojo.


#43 Gigalith
Boldore; Halloween Event Yard Sale.
Gigalith; Traded with Sabi in the Trading Bazaar.
Ability: Sturdy.

#44 Venasaur
Ability; Overgrow.
Bulbasaur; Adoption Center.
Ivysaur; Evolution Dojo.
Venasaur; Evolution Dojo.

#45 Cloyster
Ability; Shell Armor.
Shellder; Adoption Center.
Cloyster; Evolution Dojo.

#46 Kingdra
Ability; Sniper.
Horsea; Adoption Center.
Seadra; Evolution Dojo.
Kingdra; Evolution Dojo.

#47 Glalie
Ability; Ice Body.
Snorunt; Adoption Center.
Glalie; Evolution Dojo.

#48 Magcargo
Ability; Flame Body.
Slugma; Adoption Center.
Magcargo; Evolution Dojo.

#49 Tentacruel
Ability; Clear Body.
Tentacool; Adoption Center.
Tentacruel; Evolution Dojo.

#50 Swanna
Ability; Big Pecks.
Swanna; Halloween Yard Sale.

#51 Aerodactyl
Ability; Rock Head.
Aerodactyl; PE2KASBL's Second Anniversary Event.


#52 Glaceon
Ability; Snow Cloak.
Glaceon; PE2KASBL's Second Anniversary Event.

#53 Arcanine
Ability; Intimidate.
Arcanine; PE2KASBL's Second Anniversary Event.

#54 Meganium
Ability; Overgrow.
Meganium; PE2KASBL's Second Anniversary Event.

#55 Quagsire
Ability; Water Absorb.
Wooper; Adoption Center.
Quagsire; Evolution Dojo.

#56 Octillery
Ability; Sniper.
Remoraid; Adoption Center.
Octillery; Evolution Dojo.

#57 Cinccino
Ability; Technician.
Minccino; Adoption Center.
Cinccino; Evolution Dojo.

#58 Lumineon
Ability; Swift Swim.
Finneon; Adoption Center.
Lumineon; Evolution Dojo.

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