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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by PureGoober View Post
I don't see anything.

Tobiume - I guess i'll rate yours.
Your is as Sapphire said, very simple, but yet is seems very pure.
Great job.

For some, odd reason, I get the feeling that your not listening to anyone, when they give you advice.

Second, text still kinda messy, I recommend working on your text placement, like I have said before, maybe use c4ds, and mess around with effects, and brushes. I also recommend using only one image, It would probably look better if you only used the one on the left, and moved the text to the left and lowered it. than added some effects and c4ds like I said and put them to the right/middle.

Now, I made a new banner again, believe it or not haha. Honestly, this is my favorite one I have made lol

What'ya think haha.

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