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Default Re: :|Individual RP: Zolar|:


Ranger Micah Hawthorn


As Zolar made his command to Typhlosion, Stantler charged at the latter with its head glowing. Micah was astonished as an epic clash took place. As the Stantler's head made contact with Typhlosion's stomach, the Fire Pokemon released his massive burst of Flamethrower straight on to Stantler's back below him.

Typhlosion was sent rocketing backwards, hitting his back on a tree trunk. Stantler smashed towards the ground, its back slightly red from the force of the Flamethrower. As they both stirred, Stantler seemed angrier than it had so far. It raised up and charged forward once more, this time, its front hooves pounding the ground more than they had thus far.


Name: Zolar
Location: Woods


Encounters Remaining: 13
Items: Parkballs (x5)

=Trainer's Pokemon=

Pokemon: Typhlosion
Name: Burn-Out
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Naughty
Status: In Battle
Health: 80%

Pokemon: Flygon
Name: Sky-Gone
Gender: Male
Ability: Arena Trap
Nature: Jolly
Status: In Ball
Health: 100%

=Battle Info=

Zolar's Typhlosion
(Blaze, Male, Naughty)
Attack used: Flamethrower

Wild Stantler
(Intimidate, ???, ???)
Attack being used: Stomp

=Expedition Info=

Pokemon Encountered: Lickitung (???) Stantler (???)

Pokemon Caught: None
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