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I was looking at TV Tropes Xp I found "Unstoppable Rage" and "Berserk Button" fit Skye quite nicely.

Lol. If you're lucky, you'll escape without a limb...Unlikely, you'll lose your life. Feeling lucky, punk? Skye will end you if you push him far enough.

In other ones, "What Have I Become" and "Let's Get Dangerous" fit Nazo. He hates what he is XP Ironically enough, for all that darkness, he doesn't take a fight very seriously. That could just be because he can kill you in a few seconds and very few can match his power...But when he does buckle down and decide you need to be taught a lesson...

Run away. Just run XD You'll see this trait in SonicX: Ultimatum.

Skye: As always...It is...unpleasant to be around me when angry.

Joy. I get to be the target -.-'
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