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Default The first Ever Summer Smackdown *Round 2 matches are up*

Hello everyone,

I am Charizard Ex and I will be hosting the first ever "Summer Smack Down!" This will be a tournament in which standard wifi battling rules will apply. It will be double elimation for this tournament (for example: If you lose 1 match you still have a chance of placing, you can't win the tournament, but you can place better in the rankings.) I will be placing the top 3 participants. There will be a maximum of 16 participants in the tournament, and there will be 4 championship rounds (for example: If you keep winning matches, you will be in the championship bracket, if you lose a match you will be in the conslation bracket). The championship rounds will be posted with great haste (pending enough results are there to have them posted). Those that place in the top 4 will receive a small gift from me. I have not decided what to give out yet, but the top placers will receive a little trophy they can put in there signnature (or trophy case) saying what they placed.

  • Please follow all battle center rules
  • No hacked pokemon are permitted.
  • Disconnects must be reported in order to determine the outcome of a battle if possible.
  • Matches are to be completed within one week; failure to complete of inactivity may result in disqualification.
Standard Battle Rules (In the rare case that someone does not know these rules; I will list these also)
  • Sleep Clause: You are not permitted to send more than one pokemon asleep at a time; doing so results in an automatic loss.
  • OHKO Clause: You may not force fainting if both participants are on they're final pokemon
  • Evasion Clause: You are not allowed to use moves that raise evasion (ex: double team)
  • Species Clause: You may not use two pokemon of the same species (ex: two Charizard)
Any questions can be pm'd to me here.


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