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Default Re: [WAR 9] Team Neo (Draft)

Originally Posted by Focal View Post
Hey Neo, I said this before but I'd like to say it to all of you: good draft, and good luck this season. I hope to see some serious competition out there. =)
Yeah, I think the draft worked MUCH better this time. And good luck to you guys, I have a strong feeling this War season is going to rock!

Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post

As for ideas...I'll get back to you. XD
Ha ha, yeah, I just came up with “Team Neo” for lack of a better title and it being 2am in the morning. XD

We’ll come up with something much cooler.

Originally Posted by Draconic_Espeon View Post
YAY TEAM NEO (title pending)!

Also, if anyone things being good-aligned is overtly American, then they are incredibly disillusioned. =/

Back on topic. I like chaotic good alignment. It leaves some room for craziness, because, let's face it, I know I'm crazy. xD

Aside from that, I don't have many ideas. For colors, I'll just throw a few out there--what about black, gray, and blue or black, gray, and red? Anyone who wants to is welcome to substitute. I just thought I'd get the discussion started.

As for mascot, well, can't go wrong with Pikachu. xD But if anyone thinks that's too overused, we can come up with something else.

Let's make this War awesome! ^^
Yeah, I was just using colors and the eagle just as an example.

Without a doubt, I really like chaotic good, its probably the best alignment out there and I pretty much had that in mind when I was considering my draft picks.

I like the color schemes you have in mind though. Black/gray/blue would be great for a dark, icy kind of theme while the black/gray/red would be nice for a kind of fiery theme. Still, black/gray/blue are pretty much all three of my favorite colors and they look awesome together. I decided to give it a shot with the member list header and it looks pretty sweet. However, just to try it out, I tried it with red and truthfully, that also looks pretty good.

As for the mascot, as much as I like Pikachu, he is… kinda overused. I noticed that the black/gray/blue colors have a kind of “Dusk/Nightfall” premise to them which would definitely rock as a theme, but I don’t think a normal Pikachu would go with it. On the flip side, with the black/gray/red colors, it makes the theme more on the fiery side. So with that in mind, I thought of two possible ideas:

Theme #1 (Using black/gray/blue) – Going with this dusk/nightfall theme and color scheme, I came up with an idea that we could have the team as a kind of misjudged good, in the perspective that those outside of our team might think we’re dark and sinister when really we’re good in heart. With that in mind, think of an example of a black dragon that’s actually good, even though in almost every game/movie/story out there, black dragons are almost always perceived as the most menacing and most evil of dragons.

As far as the team name, it could be an interesting oxymoron of dusk/darkness in reverse, such as “Duskrise,” “Nightflare,” “Shadowdawn” or any combination of those. As for that said Pikachu, we could make him the mascot, but make him a little darker than usual and give him some black/gray/blue wings/whatever. Just tossing ideas out there.

Theme #2 (Using black/gray/red) – After playing around with these colors in Photoshop and getting more fiery themes, we could use a phoenix bird as a basis for inspiration, using a theme of flight and fiery resurrection. We could also use the theme of hope and life after death, using the basis of a pinprick of flame and light among an endless sea of darkness.

With the team name, again, we could go with a name like “Firedawn” or “Blazing Ascension” with some slogan or mantra like “Death is inevitable. Life is eternal.” As for the mascot, yeah, you could use Moltres or Ho-oh for this, but I like the idea of giving some non-fire Pokémon a kind of fiery transformation, which could include that Pikachu you mentioned. Seeing a Pikachu with phoenix wings and surrounded by fire would be pretty cool. :D

Anyway, those are two possible ideas we could start with and expand upon. Honestly, both of them sound really good, but I’m definitely open to hearing ideas that might not be related to either of these at all.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
I say we surprise people by doing the exact opposite and going chaotic evil or chaotic neutral! Can't just do what they expect us to do, that would mean that we're playing right into their hands!

Haha, at any rate, I'll get the ball rollin' to get the creative juices flowing. Which is kinda gross.
But chaotic neutral means you're... insane. XD

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Theme Ideas:

Could be any alignment -

The Possessed: Two entities, one body. This would allow us to have an evil streak while keeping the (RP characters anyone) own self intact. Could have something to do with Pandora's box.
I’m guessing this would be a kind of dual personality thing where everyone had a light side and a darker alter-ego? Kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
The Agency: A collection of disillusioned agents from several departments that have banded together for a single purpose: whatever that purpose is.
Reminds me of the Matrix, but I’m still not sure what that purpose might be either. :P

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
The Misfits: Based on Mikey's personality, this is a raggedy team made up of a variety of different individuals that have one thing in common: the need to do things the flashiest, funnest, and oddest ways possible.
Heh, sounds like a funny idea, but I’d probably use that for a parody war.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Legends: A team filled with members straight out of folklore, mythology, and other unbelievable tales. Though their stories might not be totally true, their abilities are never in question.
Sounds good, might work with the phoenix theme from Idea #2 if we mix it up a bit.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
The Best: A team created by an enigmatic, powerful, and well-connected leader who has gathered the best from around the galaxy / world. This will allow every member to fill a certain role in the group, ie smuggler, fighter, etc.
But we’re the best in the world already! XD

Nah, j/k. Reminds me of some movie but I can’t put my finger on it.

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
The Forgettable: A team made up of those men and women that have been lost in the daily grind, fading into the background to be ignored. Finally decided to band together and gain confidence from each other and take control of their destiny.
That also sounds like it could go with the Theme #1 with the whole perceived-evil-but-not where neither the forces of pure good nor the forces of pure evil will take them in. But it could also work with the second idea, which would work with a name like “Broken Flames” or “Shatterfire.”

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