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Default Re: [DS] Road Last Traveled Discussion (Concluded)

Well, I really liked this, and I hate to see it end, but I see your point, Neo. And honestly, I had figured that Fred was Jigsaw. I didn't think that Wendy was Exodus (I totally missed that detail with her Pokemon xD), but I had a feeling she at least had something to do with it. And I definitely would have investigated her ex, provided I knew who he was (he was actually my prime suspect, but I would have gotten to her after questioning him, I think). I also figured Morgan and Paul were killers, though I didn't know which ones for sure, and I was caught up trying to figure out Exodus at the time, so yeah. ^^;

I'll be honest, though, I didn't see Brad coming. Totally outta left field for me. It makes sense, though. I'd actually been wondering why he hadn't been killed, too.

Anyway, thanks for doing all this, Neo! I would like to see another RP like this, though I understand if you wouldn't want to. It certainly takes a lot of work. I had fun, in any case, and that's what it's all about.

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