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Default Re: Everyone wanted! WE ARE BACK ONCE MORE! ~TUN

Originally Posted by highmax28 View Post

Registration Form
~IGN: Highmax
~FC: 0732 9146 1317
~PKMN Skills(banners,breeders,cloners,etc): Fighter, Breeder
~Reason For Joining: Want to help revive this clan, friend suggest
~Time's Your Usally on: 5pm to midnight eastern time (canada)
~Do you agree to the rules and agree to follow them?: I agree with the rules and agree to follow them

Challenge Form
~IGN: Highmax
~FC: 0732 9146 1317
~opponent(s): Ill go against anyone
~Do you agree to the rules and agree to follow them?: I agree on all terms and to follow them

i accept! and i will battle you soon

Originally Posted by lildude3000 View Post
good luck wizard, unfortunately i slept on it, and have decided not to join you as this clans sorry for the inconvenience but I wish you the best. TUN will rise again and I hope I am around to see it!
i'm sorry to hear that...we were so close as well, only one more person was needed... but i respect your jugement and i shall take over the clan...i hope one day you will change your mind...

Leader of the clan T.U.N Lords of Darkness
White FC 2624 2821 5234
White2 FC 4900 6256 6560
Elite 4 of the TUN League
Win: 52. Draw: 1. Lose: 3

we are now on Xat!
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