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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase

The Machop x Electrode fusions look even more strange without the obvious seperation between the body and head. Not only do their heads look unnaturally large, but now it looks as if there's a light RIGHT up against the neck or something. In other words, it looks even more unnatural. The least you could do about this is to show that the head is casting down a shadow on the body, thus the lightest tone of red would not be existant on the neck.

There isn't much to say about Wobbuffet. It's simply a pillow shade, which doesn't take much effort and follows a semi-strict guideline. In other words, you're probably wasting your time with pillow shades. That is, if you were to do them excessively.

As for the Charizard, it's merely a recolor. However, the general flow of the colors looks nice. I personally like the red on that dark purple-like color...but I guess that's just personal preference, lolz. ^^

And the Zubat...are those copy and pasted on (the wings), or actually edited on? Just asking. It'd be nice to know this info before giving my opinion on that. However, it looks as if it's been just pasted on from...something. But, hey, that's just what I'm seeing.

Dodrio edit: Okay. all you really did was take the other Dodrio heads out of the picture, so there really isn't much to say.

My advice would be to spend your time on fully custom pixel art and such. If that's not your forte yet, work on actual edits rather than erasing and copying + pasting and whatnot. You could, for instance, think of adjectives to edit a Pokemon so it matches the adjective. For instance...a killer Wurmple, or a hobo-Jynx, or something. Hell, you could even make a retype, since that classifies as an edit--just don't paste parts from other Pokemon onto the base, because that takes little effort, and one shouldn't waste their time doing such...if they want to improve in pixel art, that is.

Hope this helped. ^^

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