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Default I keep forgetting this exists

Yes, unlike the rest of the talented people at pe2k, I just do this its fullest my spare time (which is not much nowadays). I think Bannrz is a pretty cool guy. eh shws up and doesnt afraid of anything...


So below are some random banners over the years, because I'm so lazy.

Most recent Azunyan. Ironically I find K-On to be incredibly stupid, and yet I can't get enough of the character designs...

Starcraft 2 came out, so I quickly throw something out of my butt for a banner. July 2010. W00t.

Experimentation with splitting the image into creating different links. Also experimenting with the way overlap works.

That's just being lazy. Don't say Lazy, that is.

April Fools I believe 2009 with salads as the main theme. Yum!

More to come, but the banner click just killed my edit.

Anyhow, it's more of a repository for myself to see what I've done for however long I'm here for.

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