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Default Ref Wages 8/20 - 9/6 & Team Tournament

Note that these are combined from BMG and PE2K, so only claim in one thread/forum. Enjoy your wages (:

Ataro 15.5k
Bumblebee 90.5k [You had a couple of 1v1's paying $1000 and a 2v2 paying $500.] Also check if this battle actually pays the $500, considering it ended up as a 1v1 using full evos
WTP 80k [Posts 503-506 list Houndoom vs Eevee in 1v1's, so no pay for these. Unless you typo'd Houndour, then +$2,000] <--on BMG
Marshy 24k
Pidge 14k
Dr. Stubbsberg 17.5K
Monbrey 106k
TeD 5.5k
Sec 19.5k
Leman 4k
Near 16k
Zeferin 2.5k
Elrond 6.5k
Nyurgh 47.5k
LS 56k [you gave yourself 34k from previous wages ] and Monbrey says [$37,500 + $500 is not $39,000]
Anna 2.5k
Shinies 18.5k
Scourge 1.5k
Khaj 4.5k
Xali 15k
Stinky 1k [omg your log ]
Loyal Growlithe 3k [want a firestone?]
Fierce Diety 2k
DG 1.5k
Huswayne 58k [rules say only 2 ffas a week, you only lost 4k]
SpeedX 2.5k [go ask an official about your other 1k with the unknown trainers] link
Focal $0000 [no one gets paid if its 1v1 and 1 mon is fully evo'd]

Monbrey and I did these cuz...we felt like it or something. idk.

EDIt: Claiming my munna!!

Team Tourney Wages
TED - 18k
Alonzo - 3k
Pidge - 15k
Ataro - 3k
WTP - 9k
Shinies - 6k
Marco - 3k
TO - 3k
Stinky - 3k
ST - 3k
Khajmer - 3k
Near - 3k
LS - 3k
Haze - 3k

I made Soviet Bidoof, Jokester Jesse made this kick@$$ banner.

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