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Default Team RPs

Team RPs

From now on, Team RPs will be RPs where one Ranger takes two Trainers through the Park at once. All other group RPs will be known as Event RPs now (Event RPs will also include special events like the Pokemon Catching Contest).

In order to do a Team RP, two Trainers must fill out a joint application. The first person will fill in the information and post it, and the second person will quote it and post their information. They then either wait for a Ranger to accept them or, if they already have a Ranger, inform the Ranger that the application is posted and ready to be accepted.

Once inside, ALL ENCOUNTERS WILL BE DOUBLE BATTLES. Trainers can attack their own Pokemon and their teammate’s Pokemon, and the Wild Pokemon can attack either teammate’s Pokemon. The Ranger will roll two separate lists, one for each Trainer; this prevents Trainers from arguing over who gets certain Pokemon, which would be a strong possibility if the Pokemon were pulled from a joint 30-Pokemon list. Trainers can, if both agree, swap Pokemon at the start of each Encounter. This means if Trainer Y runs into a Pikachu and wants Trainer Z’s Grimer instead, the Trainers can swap their Pokemon. Swapping can ONLY be done at the beginning of each Encounter and ONLY for the two Pokemon that appear. For example, if Trainer Y caught a Pidgeot five posts ago and wants to swap it for Trainer Z’s current Drifblim, they MAY NOT SWAP THESE POKEMON, since Pidgeot was caught before Drifblim was encountered. Another example is if Trainer Y and Trainer Z encounter an Absol and a Murkrow, and then try to swap near the end of the battle. THEY MAY NOT SWAP THESE POKEMON. Trainers must state in their first post following the appearance of a Pokemon if they want to swap.

Trainers must post at least once every 72 hours as a courtesy to their teammate. However, if both Trainers acknowledge a need for one or both of the team to have longer to post, this limit can be ignored. For example, if Trainer Y has a busy work week and can only post once every four days, so long as Trainer X is fine with it then the 72-hour rule can be ignored. If a Trainer does not post within 72 hours and does not give prior warning for not posting, they will be escorted out and the RP will become a normal one.

If a Trainer decides not to catch a certain Pokemon, their teammate may opt to choose that Pokemon instead of their own. This does not count as swapping. However, a Trainer must state in their post directly following their teammate’s if they wish to battle their teammate’s Pokemon instead of their own; otherwise, their teammate’s Pokemon will flee. If a Trainer catches one of their teammate's Pokemon, one of their own encounters will be randomly removed to prevent them from getting any extra encounters.

Trainers may leave early if they wish. If this happens the RP will become a normal one.

Trainers can take pictures of one another’s Legendary Pokemon, if any are encountered.

Rangers get double pay plus 500 extra for each post they make. Rangers must note which posts are posts made for a Team RP in their logs to ensure Team RP wages are paid. If a Trainer leaves/is escorted from a Team RP and it becomes a normal one, the Ranger’s pay returns to normal. If this happens clearly state which post ends the Team RP so as not to be overpaid.

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