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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Ttar Trainer View Post
Uh, that is the cheapest place to buy it. Especially if you live outside Japan. Do you really expect a game with such effort put into it to be cheap? They have to pay the people who worked on it somehow lol

Their international shipping is really cheap.
Heh, that's sorta funny cuz you can pre-order it @ GameStop and it's listed as only being 35 bucks there.

Then again, is that in yen or dollars? Because I know American money, at least, is worth more than Japanese money, so if it's 65 yen it won't nearly cost as much. Well...thinking about it, 65 yen would probably only be several dollars and I doubt that's right XD. So I guess it's 65 dollars in whatever form of currency you use, Sandstorm.

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