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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

Originally Posted by Hassan_Descartes_AbdAllah View Post
I dont agree nor disagree with your first cent (para lol), since thats only assertion you have given us and not evidence or pragmatic reason. Im not saying Christianity doesnt have pragmatic reason or anything. But just that you havent provided them, if there are any.

About your second thread: let me drop a cent of my own here, emotion is never good justification for what you believe. Im a Muslim, and the thought of me becoming a Christian is pretty scary(since paradigm shift is something man fears). However, if let this feeling of fear take hold of my rational judgement and I do not give Christianity any benefit of doubt on this premise of emotions, that wouldnt really be justifiable. Im risking my salvation here, cant let emotion guide my judgment. Thats too unsafe.

This reminds me of Blaise Pascal: you can only live happily once the internal duel of reason vs. emotion is minimized and both coexist peacefully together (wording mine, thought his, though later shared by me). ^_^

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Well, you have just as much right to practice your Muslim faith as much as I have the right to practice my Christian faith. Whether or not your faith or my faith is the most correct is irrelevant and so is what is deemed the "right" way to believe in something. But the human fear of no purpose is natural. True, reason is much better than emotion when it comes to rationality. But my God didn't say I had to know He existed; He told me to believe He does. He comes out in Bible (and I believe also to the Muslim and Jewish faiths) as unfathomable and perfect. We humans are not perfect. Wouldn't it be common sense that we can't understand what is perfect? If we did, we would be perfect already. So "knowing" a deity proves worthless unless you've actually met him/her yourself and knowing that it's really them. I may have never met God, but I hope to someday.

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I'm generalizing; as I stated, many people here seem to be more educated in their own beliefs than the common church-going sheep.
I seem to notice that. Even some of the Christians I've met here are more rational and rather loose with some of "popular" Christianity's beliefs. Which can be good.
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