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Default Re: Sprite Guides and Tutorials II Project - [Post to help! | Updated!]

Your username (well, duh, we need to know it's by you) Gaygar Rocks
What is the tutorial teaching us? ; (Ex; Recolors? Overworlds? Maps?) Revamps RBY-DPPT|HGSS
Do you have any results to following the tutorial?; [sprites here, post 2]

What Program is this for: (Ex; Most likely MS paint, but you can use other programs for sprites as well.) Mostly MS PAINT but i think also for other programs
Difficulty level?; (ex; Beginners, Amateurs, Experts) Amateur
Video Recording?: (If it's made by pages, then you can say no to this) NO
How many pages to this tutorial?: 1 sheet

Have any tips? ; uhmm do your best???